Saturday, February 27, 2010

Listening to angry white trash.mp3   please go to link and listen to recorded phone calls this is just a sample of the type of calls people have recieved.

This is the nice way to talk to outher rescuer?  If this is the way others are treated then how does she talk to animals?


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  2. maby she will learn how to deal with people and animals

  3. Here she goes talking trash about others it seems that everyone that disagrees with her is on some type of drug or a bad rescuer.
    I know that when she tries and I use the word tries lightly, to make changes in shelters manywill end up closeing their doors to rescue causing many animals to die because rescue could not pull before the animals are killed;

  4. Ok now if you disagree with her thinking you are a supporter of PETA or HSUS. Not like she supports ALF (Animal Liberation Front)

  5. Start Topic
    USAP Pitbull Informant turns violent Message List

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    Great to be back I have been in the middle of a war zone out here. I am alive the dogs are alive thank God.

    A trusted informat turned on me as you all may have heard. This was not what was expected but I would not have put my dogs or myself in this position if I ever thought this would happen. The informant stole a 25,000 dollar watch a diamond topaz ring, sony vaio, the truck and contents. I took two very hard blows to the head and jaw and the dogs were in the truck when he car jacked me.
    I spent three hours with the police yesterday and we have him on film when he initially stole the computer. I had not spoken with this informant in two weeks when he got into my room and stole the computer. I had cut the informant out knowing we were getting nowhere. I paid him 1500.00 up front but he wanted 5,000. He talked his way into my room when I was not there, this is when he stole the computer. I was told he would give it back went with him and this is when he pulled into a park and told me he was going to kill me.

    I got away but everything including Calie and Rockel were taken. I prayed for their return and I have them both back. He knew there was no price I would not have paid for their return so I knew he would not harm them. It is a miracle that I have them back and I gift from God. Rockel was under the truck waiting all night and Calie was found in a shelter. We looked for her relentlessly until she was found. I will not be pursuing this case right now but hope to eventually find the spot where they are fighting.

    Dawn Taylor Bechtold
    United States Animal Protection

  6. ok everyone that is trained to investigate knows that unless you are law enforcement knows that if you are going to investigate you are putting your life in danger and your familys lives in danger. Does she think she is a pro at doing on site investigations. Let alone she put her pit bulls in danger, its bad enough that she put herself and the rest of her family at harms way but to put pit bulls in danger is just reckless and does not show her to be a responsible dog owner. I do not know how she thinks she can decide who is a
    responsible pet owner since she by her own actions show that she is not. OH I forgot don't do as I do but do as I say, is her atitude since she beleives she can do not wrong and that she is better than anyone else.

  7. wrote:
    Ms.xxxxxx you are not a psychiatrist. My client has never been diagnosed with mental illness in fact it seems from your actions you may have some issues that need to be addressed.
    I don't believe you have the right to continue to harass my client or myself.
    We will be pressing charges this morning and will be in touch with your local sheriffs office. It is you that indeed has issues that will be addressed by our firm as well as the sheriffs office this morning.

    You ever never met our client and your diagnoses of our client would seem utterly ridiculous being you do not have a degree in Psychology nor Psychiatry.

    This firm does private investigations and will not disclose information to you. We work directly with the attorneys of our clients.
    Do not email this account again it will be considered harassment. Again all emails from your account will be used as evidence.

    This is just one email that is from a so called P.I. investigator, please see the grammatical errors, her way of writting?

    Of coarse there have been no arrest or legal action taken nor could there be with out Dawn admitting that she a impersonated or acted as a P.I.with out a licence.

    After further investigation there was no LLC Investigation registered in the state of GA or any other state for that matter, as is law all P.I. have to be registered in GA if they work in GA or Ga is their home office.

    so with that I would like to post a note :

    HAS ANYONE ANY KNOWLEDGE OF a company called LLCINVESTIGATION ( They are a somewhat mysterious entity, that has surfaced, threatening and intimidating certain rescuers. I cannot find evidence of their legitimacy, but they have sent emails and calls from blocked numbers,threatening legal action, or worse! Animal welfare is difficult enough, without harassment of the people working diligently to save lives. If anyone has info on this LLCinvestigation, please let us know.