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Update to current court case for Destruction of property 11-30-10

e: 12/04/2010
Section: D Time: 12:43:11
Class: 3


1 RS 14 56 B (2) BOND: 5,000.00
1 RS 14 56 B (2) BOND: 2,500.00


10/18/2010 DIXONLA
MAGISTRATE PAPERWORK FILED (M-516338 DOB:11/15/67 F#2260590)
(M-516325 DOB:03/24/87 F#2260557)
10/19/2010 DIXONLA
$2,500-TAYLOR DATE OF BOND:07/19/10
11/09/2010 MARULLOF

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contacting blog owner

Anyone that wants to contact me can do so thru this blog. As to posting I have stopped posting anything that does not have a name attached. And have said all along that if Dawn wanted to post them she is free to do so under her name. All info on this blog that I have posted can be backed up with evidence. Ask Dawn to do the same provide evidence that shows what is posted is not true.

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Dawn tries a mass transport of animals out of Robeson Co NC

Here we go again Dawns tries a mass transport of 100+ animals from Robeson Co.NC animals were to go to a boarding kennel. Dawn was going to have Media out in the hopes it would create more adoptions, and donations to her. Transport was stopped in the few hours before the transport got started by caring animal rescuers. The people helping her perpetrate this mass transport were left holding the bag for the vet bill for the health certs. and Robeson animal control is now over packed and the animals are on a short reprieve. This transport was so flawed, because as Dawn does she did not take the time in preparing this transport. She tried to throw this together and caused mass confusion.
Because of her stupidity the animals are the ones going to suffer.
If she really cared for the animals she would never have tried to transport animals from the over crowded NC shelter to GA which is also over crowed with animals and begging out of state rescues to take their animals, Dawn because of her popularity contest that she is on endangered the animals of GA. the NC animals would have lingered in boarding for God knows how long and then what? What would have happened to them when Dawn tired of the board bill or having to take the time to adopt them out(note)Dawn known to have been in La. with a court date in Oct. and out on bond) just who was going to get these animals adopted?and again she is not even a licenced rescue in Ga.

Here is the proof that she is not legal in Ga.
Subject: RE: Dawn Bechtold
From: "Greene, Mary"
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 2009 15:52:50 -0400
To: ""

Dawn Bechtold AKA Dawn Taylor Bechtold has never been issued a shelter license by the Animal Protection Division of the Georgia Department of Agriculture. A shelter license is required by this state in order to legally engage in rescue activity under the authority of the Georgia Animal Protection Act (OCGA 4-11-1 thru 18).

Mary M. Greene
Director of Animal Protection and Equine Health
Georgia Department of Agriculture
Capitol Square
Atlanta, GA 30334

-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: Monday, July 20, 2009 9:40 AM
To: Greene, Mary
Subject: Dawn Bechtold

Goon morning,

I was wondering if there is a way you could send me something that says United States Animal Protection / Dawn Bechtold is not a licensed rescue thru GA.DOA ?

Thank you

Sue Bryant

Dawn how many of these animals would have been sentenced to long term jail behind chain link or death when the donations stopped? Some day Dawn you will have to face a higher power that knows all of what you have done and you will be held accountable for your actions, St.Peter must have a book just for you and it will be a big one, may you have to answer to the all mighty power and I pray that the Pearlie gates be closed and locked to you so no other animal will have to suffer by your hands. Oh how many times has your own personal dogs ended up in a animal control shelter??? I know of at least 3 times responsible ownership I do not think so.

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Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office
Inmate Booking Information


Folder : 2260590
Last Name : TAYLOR
First Name : DAWN
Middle Initial : R
Race : W
Sex : F
Date of Birth : 11/15/1967
Book Date : 07/19/2010 at 07:34:41

Please click on the LAVNS Logo to register and be notified when this offender's custody status changes.


Charge (Sta/Vio/Sub) RS 14/35.3 Charge Text DOMESTIC ABUSE BATTERY
Arrest Date 07/18/2010 Disposition ROR
Arrest Number 11967787 Disposition Date 07/19/2010
Court Type S Bond Amount 2500.00
Magistrate Section M2 Magistrate Number 516338
Docket Section Docket Number 0
Next Court Date Details/Comments JUDGE MARULLO PRE-SET $2,500
Parole Received CallIn-07/19/2010 at 13:44:34 by MARULLO JR, FRANK/LEE, MAJOR


Charge (Sta/Vio/Sub) RS 14/56 (B) (1) Charge Text SIMPLE CRIMINAL DAMAGE<$500(DOMESTIC VIO
Arrest Date 07/18/2010 Disposition ROR
Arrest Number 11967788 Disposition Date 07/19/2010
Court Type S Bond Amount 2500.00
Magistrate Section M2 Magistrate Number 516338
Docket Section Docket Number 0
Next Court Date Details/Comments MUST SIGN STAY AWAY ORDER INC/W
Parole Received CallIn-07/19/2010 at 13:44:34 by MARULLO JR, FRANK/LEE, MAJOR


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Thursday, April 8, 2010


 Please do not make any decisions based solely on the information in this post. Do your own research to determine if you wish to support Ms. Bechtold and her organization, US Animal Protection.

There is a contact phone number for law enforcement authorities local to her organization contained in the post. Additional contact numbers can be found on the Cobb County (GA) web site:  

Please read Ms. Bechtold’s reply to the allegations in this alert in the comments section below. Her organization’s web site is here:

Please do not base your decisions strictly on the information provided by an alert posting. PLEASE, as with all alerts, do your own research.

The following messages were forwarded in response to a posting by Dawn Taylor Bechtold to her YahooGroup on 3/9/2010 that reads in part: ” I have confirmation the walking legend Tanya Tucker will be speaking on behalf of U.S. Animal Protection and rescue and protection of animals. We are thrilled to have Tanya on board with us at USAP.”


Sent: Tuesday, March 16, 2010 2:32 PM

Subject: USAP and Tanya Tucker Affiliated/Partnered?

Can we possibly get verification if United States Animal Protection is or isn’t affiliated with Tanya Tucker? There is a lot of confusion as you can see from the posts she has put out on her 700 + member yahoo group. This information is also going beyond her group and there are solicitations for donations using Tanya’s name as well. This is beyond despicable because many have long ago stopped believing in the fabrications of Dawn Taylor Bechtold so now she has attached herself to a much loved and admired celebrity such as Tanya Tucker to keep milking the public for funds that do not go to animals. Please let me know so I can post an update and warn the unsuspecting public to not make donations to Dawn Taylor while she is using Tanya Tucker’s name.

If you would like more information on the type of person that is Dawn Taylor Bechtold simply call the local authorities and check out what is public about her. Cobb County Police Dept. 770-499-3900.

—– Forwarded Message —-









Additional information:

RIPOFF REPORT Dawn Taylor Bechtold


Date: 2010-03-17, 12:17PM EDT

Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]



United States Animal Protection (USAP)

Dawn Taylor ‘Fraud’ Marietta, Georgia

4321 Highborne Drive

Marietta Georgia 30066

United States of America

Phone: 770-627-2775

Web Address:

Category: Nonprofit Organizations

Dawn Taylor, founder of USAP (United States Animal Protection) is a fraud.

Dawn Taylor (aka Dawn Taylor Bechtold) has been soliciting funds for USAP since 2008 claiming that USAP is indeed a 501c3 non profit organization.

USAP is not a 501c3. It never was – easily verifiable by going to

Dawn Taylor (USAP) has one big claim to fame and that was the huge rescue and transport of animals out of Louisiana in the aftermath of Katrina.

The real rescue group that did all the gut wrenching work was Mutt Shack. Mutt Shack members were promised a night’s rest from the long drive to Atlanta from New Orleans.

When the members of Mutt Shack arrived in Atlanta, they were shocked to find that Dawn Taylor (USAP) misrepresented herself as a rescue. She was never a legal rescue in the State of Georgia.

This is verifiable by contacting Mary Greene with Ga. Dept. of Ag. at

Ray Deluca was the head of the Dept. of Ag during this fiasco and with Mr. Deluca’s help Mutt Shack and real legal and legitimate Atlanta rescue organizations were able to clean up the mess created by the delusions of the fraud that had conned them abused of them during their stay in Atlanta and then cruelly sent back to Louisiana without even a night’s rest.

Dawn Taylor (USAP) will always con her way into and attach herself to reputable and legal organizations so that she (Dawn Taylor) may give herself credibility and thus generate more donations. She prefers to connect herself to famous people for obvious reasons. Please beware of pleas for donations for USAP with names of famous people attached. Verify before you donate.

Dawn Taylor loves to cry that she is being harassed but she seems to be the only one getting arrested and convicted for harassment Athens-Clarke County, case #ST-06-CR-2365, Aug 20, 2007.

Dawn was in California last year and claimed to have infiltrated a dog fighting ring of the most notoriously lethal gangs in the history of this hemisphere, the MS-13. (Look up their violent history on the FBI’s website) In retribution, the MS-13 gang member she dealt with took her dog and some ’stuff’ and her vehicle. Dawn Taylor was unscathed and her dog showed up in a Southern California shelter – unscathed. (Right.)

Dawn Taylor professes to know animals and says she takes care of her dogs. It seems that she has no control of her un-socialized dogs. Last year, under Dawn Taylor’s watchful eye, one of her dogs killed a poor cat belonging to a good friend of her’s. Weeks later Dawn Taylor’s reaction was that of shock when she found that her friend was still mourning the loss of her beloved feline companion. Yeah, true animal advocate alright.

I think this Rip-Off report will find good company here since Dawn Taylor’s boyfriend Daniel Bechtold, ex-owner of Remodel America (Kennesaw Ga and Nashville, Tn), also managed to make his way to being labeled a rip-off.

There are many allegations surrounding Dawn. Some of these are the following: incessant harassment in phone calls and e-mails, impersonating an official from Department of Agriculture, impersonating a licensed investigator and making threats under the guise of an investigator, misrepresenting herself as a Federal Agent with arresting privileges etc. the list goes on and on. USAP (United States Animal Protection) will only become a reputable group when the mad hatter at the helm is muzzled permanently!

Many of us feel that Dawn Taylor is dangerous and should be approached with extreme caution although it would be better to avoid this person and her group altogether.

it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

PostingID: 1648273821


But also:

Atlanta Saves New Orleans’ Katrina Dogs Due to Die


At 5 AM on Tuesday March 14th, animal rescuers evacuated the Tangipahoa Animal Shelter in Hammond Louisiana to save the lives of about sixty dogs and thirty cats. These animals had survived three hurricanes and the toxic, flood ravaged streets they used to call home only to end up on the shelter’s euthanasia list. As dawn broke a convoy of MuttShack volunteers drove these surrendered pets to Atlanta and into the waiting arms of U.S. Animal Protection, where they are being put up for fostering and adoption. MuttShack animal rescuers have been in New Orleans, since Hurricane Katrina. They have rescued over 3,000 animals, but the rescue landscape has changed dramatically. Where animals were rescued from the floodwaters and homes after Katrina and Rita, they are now being rescued from shelters too.

New Orleans’ residents are surrendering their animals. Many have returned to vacant lots where their homes once stood. Others have no fences and their backyards resemble toxic dumpsites. Some find their homes overflowing with homeless relatives and friends and simply have no room for pets. Only a fraction of the original shelters survived – most were completely destroyed, others are so damaged that they cannot operate. The ones that did make it, are running at capacity and with limited manpower and resources have no time to run their spay/neuter or adoption clinics.

“There simply aren’t enough people in the City of New Orleans to adopt the animals that are being surrendered,” said Amanda St.John, founder of MuttShack Animal Rescue “Where there once was a population of 500,000 there are now only 180,000. MuttShack Animal Rescue and Sunshine Dogstar, evacuated the dogs and cats from the shelter when the Tangipahoa Parish Animal Control, a governmental agency under the Tangipahoa Parish Council in Hammond, were forced to temporarily shut down their facility. They needed to evacuate the premises in order to fully disinfect and renovate it,” she added

The City of Atlanta, which has been so magnanimous towards New Orleans evacuees, has once again come to the rescue. Atlanta’s U.S. Animal Protection offered to assist in the Hammond rescue. Director, Dawn Taylor Bechtold, responded to the emergency and offered to assist in placing pets with families in Atlanta. Emergency crates needed for the transport and evacuation came at the 11th hour from Petsmart Charities. Upon arrival in Atlanta, film crews welcomed the Mardi Gras adorned pets. Remodel America a Kennesaw home improvement company that specializes in customizing home exteriors cleared out one of their warehouses to set up an emergency triage center thus providing a safe haven and comfortable environment for the very stressed out rescuees.

Pets were inspected by the Georgia State Department of Agriculture, and further veterinary examinations are being concluded by Dr. Michael Good of Town and Country Veterinary Clinic. The animals will be vaccinated, spayed and neutered and are available for adoption.


Possibly related posts: (automatically generated) 5 worst states to be an animal: Abuse laws lax

Tanya Tucker – Delta Dawn

“What’s Your Mama’s Name”



1. USAP is not licensed with the GA Dept of Ag and never would be licensed with a government office that allows cruelty to continue in GA shelters.

2. USAP licensed under the GA Secretary of State.

3. Mutt Shack and USAP do not work together but did after the storms. USAP took an estimated 210 animals from MSRF and turned Remodel America into a triage unit. USAP founder worked to rescue animals from the storm and made sure necessary supplies like gas and water made it to the rescue unit.

MSRF sent animals out of Louisiana without health certificates. MSRF was sighted for bringing animals into GA without health certificates by the GA DOA after they promised USAP they were traveling with health certificates and a veterinarian. This was false.

Animals were put at risk by MSRF after a cease and desist from moving animals was given by the GA DOA. Sick animals were brought into GA by MSRF to USAP.

4. USAP housed the hurricane animals for weeks after a cease and desist was ordered by the GA DOA after MSRF brought in sick animals with no health certificates and lost an estimated 100,000 dollars in production from the construction company Remodel America.

MSRF did not release records of animals or where they were sent and did not give rescuers any information that rescued animals were sent to a safe place. MSRF is only allowed to transport from one rescue to the next. MSRF is not allowed to do rescue again in Louisiana.

5. USAP has never asked for donations until this year and founder spent own money to rescue animals during Katrina/Rita and after they came into GA. USAP was asked by DHS disaster recovery and the LA State Dept of Ag to come back and rescue animals in the event of another disaster.

6. USAP never needed a 501c3 status because it has always been privately funded. USAP now needs donations and is working on this status. USAP is a non profit organization in GA.

USAP founder has spent thousands upon thousands on USAP rescues and sponsored many other rescue groups through the years. Animals that have been sponsored include dogs, cats, horses, primates and many other species.

7. USAP Founder ran a very successful GA and TN based company Remodel America. Problems never occurred at this company until the owners left GA Founder came in from Katrina to help a rescue group that was being shut down by the GA DOA.(This rescue was cleared by three veterinarians paid for by USAP but the GA DOA shut them down anyway.)

USAP founder was harassed by the person the GA DOA was signing animals over to that had been arrested for animal cruelty GA Dept of Ag. knowing of the animal cruelty charges turned animals from this rescue group over to this person. This person prompted two others to harass founder of USAP until both owners left GA. The company went down a company that support thousands of animal rescues.

Animals have been missing for years.(These were happy animals that should not have been moved)

8. Leo Lowery and Nancy Green are focused on destroying a great organization and all the rescuers and animal activist involved without any thought to the lives of animals that will be lost. Lowery tried to extort money from USAP founder and has harassed the founder and organizations members for four years since she was turned down on her request for money. Lowery prompted Green to continue harassment after founder would not attack another rescuer. An investigation is pending regarding ongoing harassment of USAP and its directors.

9. USAP is an animal protection organization that has worked for many years to rescue and protect animals from harm with a goal to end all inhumane killings and work to save the lives of animal left in cruelty situations and animal shelters.

10. USAP has many dedicated rescuers and members that continue to work daily to save and protect animals.

USAP is a wonderful organization and group of people that are truly dedicated to the continued growth of USAP and will continue to save and protect lives for years to come.

Note; Tanya Tucker confirmed she would be speaking on behalf of USAP and shelter animals until the Leonora Lowery and Nancy Green harassed her agent. These two should be shunned from rescue. Anyone that cares about the protection and rescue of animals should be outraged. These two people are not affiliated with any organization or rescue group. No one in animal rights or rescue will allow them to join. They harass people every year and we at USAP are doing all we can to see the arrest of these two cyber bullies with far too much time on their hands. The do not rescue and do not fight for the rights of animals. Stand up and be a voice against those trying to stop the rescue efforts of organizations everywhere. You could be next on the Lowery and Green list. Internet trolls must be stopped. We are working on the arrest of these two. The founder has received death threats,destruction of property and harassing emails as well as slanderous and libelous post. There is not a thread of truth in the Lowery and Green Post. They are as bad as any animal abuser. They stop those of us saving lives.

Comment by usanimalprotection
April 6, 2010

Dawn Taylor Bechtold has delusions of grandeur and is really the only one that believes the lies that spew out of her mouth. The “so called” hundreds of members are also a lie. It is merely a Yahoo group, just like any other, currently showing 357 members, but the majority of those are bouncing email addresses, meaning they are not even real members! Tanya Tucker’s agent was not harassed by anyone, there was merely an inquiry as to whether it was true that they were affiliated or not, and the response from Tanya’s agent was that they are NOT affiliated. No harassment there. So Dawn, get a job, and a life, and stop PRETENDING to be something you are not. Stop soliciting funds from unsuspecting caring people in the name of animal rescue, when do not even have a 501(c)3 status to run a rescue.

Comment by kathysmola
April 7, 2010

Kathy what kind of sick person does this to someone they know works as hard as we do at USAP. I see you are easily influenced by this sick person.

We have made great strides in animal protection and I personally have rescued hundreds and saved thousands from dying inhumanely. Any person that does this to someone that actually works to save animals is no better than the abuser himself. I am appalled and so are others that know me and the god work we do at USAP. What do you do everyday? What does Lowery do? Nothing. The question is what do we do? Our work speaks for itself. You are no better than Lowery and again no better than someone that commits crimes against animals. You try to stop those of us helping animals. This happens to so many in rescue good people spending thier own money and then being attacked.

AGAIN for the dense. I have funded everything on my own for years. I will take down the donation link and you can send all of your money to HSUS who by the way does not rescue animals or work to stop cruelty in shelters. You should be ashamed. USAP /ASR and our Transport group have hundred so members many have been with USAP for years.

And by the way Ms. Tucker wan on board until the Lowery and Green started harassing her. An arrest for harassment is inevitable for Lowery.

Comment by usanimalprotection
April 7, 2010

As A licensed P.I. in GA for seven years, I know Dawn Taylor, both personally and professionally. She enlisted me into her group, as a person who could enhance her group and name. Almost immediately, I sensed something wrong with her “stories of saving the animals”, and her self inflated ego. I started doing some background checking. Ms. Taylor has a checkered past, both legally and morally. She has used different names , and another person’s social security number for the past several years.

From the first day I spoke to her, she had “harassment issues.” It appeared everyone was out to get her. HSUS and PETA, she particularly hates. Last year, she called me to tell me PETA had thrown a brick thru her window.

She claimed, she “had more money than God”, and all rescuers were jealous of her “wealth, and status.” I realized she was a narcissist, but self absorbed people can do good. Ms. Taylor does nothing but fabricate, and ask for $$$ from good hearted animal lovers, to further her lifestyle. … She asks for $$$, even though “she has more money than God.”…HER WORDS.

She has asked for money, several times in the past, for her (Daniel Bechtold’s) home. She claims it is the Base for USAP, and by not making payments, animals will die. (Loves to put out that guilt on folks, whose only crime is loving animals and HAVING a bit of gullibility.)

I HAVE PERSONALLY SEEN her ANIMAL HELL. She has no area at all to allow the animals to urinate and defecate. The back of the house is a steep, rocky incline, where a human cannot stand without holding on to the structure of the house. Please try to imagine an animal falling down a rocky incline. There is no fence.

Her neighbors, on each side, have brought in fill dirt and built up the land and then fenced it in. Ms Taylor, with all her financial wealth, and “love of animals”, didn’t see that as necessary. The animals she has are locked in the garage or part basement to do their business. The smell is disgusting. The cement floor is never disinfected and they fight amongst themselves, animals have even been killed(a friend’s cat among them) because of utter boredom, and suffocating conditions.

One of the many reasons she is not a licensed rescue in GA is because she does not want DOA to see how the animals live. Taylor is not allowed to pull or foster, but she has always gotten others to do her dirty work… but, again, only when a sponsorship donation is involved.

There is not an ounce of altruism to this woman, she wants money THAT SHE DOES NOT HAVE TO WORK FOR.

I have spoken to the HSUS investigator for the southeast (Chuck Simmons). He knows of Ms. Taylor through complaints to HSUS. His words to me…” a total and absolute fraud.” This may partially explain her hatred of the nationally recognized group. Moreover, she is just incredibly angry at any group with legitimacy and recognition.

Two months ago, when she realized I was making inquiries about her “funding” (again, not a 5013c or a recognized charitable organization in GA), she claimed I slashed her tires and threw a brick thru her window.

She needed a “chip in” so her dogs would be warm. I immediately called Cobb County police. The Capt. I spoke to (Capt. Cox) went out there. No damage to property. Just like eight mos. earlier, when PETA allegedly harassed and damaged her home. She never made a police report, so no crime had been committed. She just lied and lied and lied again.

I requested a record of 911 calls about her address. There were 68 in a three year period (one of those years, Taylor was not even living there!)… Obviously, she has no problem bothering the police (some calls were from neighbors.) But no police calls, when such “dramatic events like smashed windows, and cars disabled by slashing tires, by evil harassers”….

Once again… that chip in request…also chip ins for dying husband (never married), chip ins for dying husband, suddenly recovering and absconding with her credit cards. THE LIST OF FRAUDULENT REQUESTS FOR $$$ ARE many.


Please feel free to contact me for documentation(proof) OF ABOVE AND MUCH MORE. NANCY ELIZABETH GREEN 404-247-7723

Comment by genevalove
April 7, 2010

Nancy Green is Lowery’s partner in crime. She does no PI work and has called me many times over the years after her dogs were maimed or killed. I have put an alert on her with Clayto county. She is a liar and a fraud that does nothing daily. She has called me to tell me her boyfriend hits her and was on drugs and in bed with a prostitue. Nancy Green is a liar and a fraud. She does nothing to rescue or protect animals. Green is considered an internet troll by everyone. Tammy Grimes stated “everyone” she was crazy after she attended an even with DDB. These women are what you call cyberbullies. They do nothing on the internet but harass. Notice thier work. Never in the last few years a letter or even a crosspost to save an animal. Just type in their name there is nothing. Type in mine you will see years of dedication to the animals. Lowery is digging herself a deep hole with the law. New TX Cyberlaws are being taken very seriously.

Comment by usanimalprotection
April 7, 2010

Nancy Green has never met me in person. Nancy Green is being reported the the licensing office for PI’s.

Nancy Green and Lowery spend every day of thier lives harassing me and my group. Do you people not remember why we are here? Rescuers why would you allow youreself to be drawn into this. Like I said type in Lowry and Green’s name. Every crossposter, rescuer, transporter animal right’s activist have post of thier work. They do NOTHING for the animals These are they scum that drag rescuers away from the matters at hand. They do not care about the lives of animals.

Comment by usanimalprotection
April 7, 2010

Did not feel I would need to comment on USAP again, but I just read her elaborate response. A few things need clarifying.

To SOLICIT funds in Ga., you must be registered as a charitable organization. I called the secretary of state and they never heard of her. They SUPPOSEDLY sent her a letter (I supplied her Highborne address), telling her she MUST BE REGISTERED AS A CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION TO SOLICIT FUNDS in Ga.!

I have several old USAP posts (2 years old), her falsely stating that she is indeed a 501c3(federally recognized non profit!) She also says, “she never asked for money before this past year”…anyone needing the posts from 2 years ago, begging, because of continual personal drama…it is here for the viewing!

People have asked me, “am I worried or afraid of Dawn Taylor?”…She has mentioned innumerable times, how she was looking for me, “to arrest me”… I do believe she is capable of violence against those, who threaten to expose her. Absolutely! She has some very questionable characters in her repertoire, including a vet, whose name she throws around. Predators, like her, using animals as a platform for their own greed remain @ large, and that frightens me more. Money that could be saving animals, by legitimate organizations.

About the only thing Ms. Taylor and I concur on is the ineptness of Ga. DOA. They know about her, agree she is a “person of interest” and yet seem afraid or unable to shut her down forever.. She is small enough that she slips under the radar. She is street savvy: changes phone numbers, has bogus, emails, bogus “high profile attorneys”, bogus “investigative services “, and as I previously said, bogus social security number(s).

IF dawn had decided to “do “good” instead of doing what she does( stealing ), she could have been a very successful person. She has a certain charisma, and intimidation factor, to those who are vulnerable (her followers.) But Dawn Taylor took the dark path… Yes, I listen for strange sounds at night, I keep my licensed weapon close to me. YES, SHE does frighten me, but allowing her to con her way through life frightens me more.

Comment by genevalove
April 7, 2010

What a fraud. This is Green under a new email. She carries a gun and is afraid? Dellusional is the only word I can find. I have never even held a gun. What an insane sick person you are. You are not a rescuer not an activist. Leave this community. Like I said type in her name. There is NOTHING in all the years I have seen her floating around the internet except her DDB attempt. They do not want her back. She is a fraud. Tammy Grimes knows of the work we do at USAP and certainly all the DDB members know Nancy made a mockery out of the chaining of the dogs event. Go away and leave those of us that need our time to save and protect lives get back to our work. Go find a hobby I am not it.

Comment by usanimalprotection
April 7, 2010

Another question you may want to ask these scum. Let’s ask…. Did you go to Katrina to rescue animals? Did you bring any back? Did you pay for transports of animals or rescue supplies? Did you even send one bag of food for a dog cat or horse? Have you ever stopped a shelter from gassing, heartstick or shooting? We all know the answer. What do right do you sick people have to call out people that actually do? AGAIN for the dense I have always been privately funded. I only ask for donations this year becasue I needed them the were a one hundreth percent of what I have spent saving animals. Because I am not a 501c3 should I leave them to die? I am sure there are intelligent enough people to see you are nothing but tyrants and nothing but a detriment to all that rescue. If it’s not me it will be someone else. You don’t spend time saving or protecting lives so I am sure you will move onto the next rescuer like you did even before me. Rescuers unite against interent trolls like Lowery and Green. AGAIN the questions above……………………………

Comment by usanimalprotection
April 7, 2010

O and she proves herself to be a liar. I have received death threats and yes there are reports about the destruction of my home as well as photos at the police station. The huge rock could have killed my husband and yes he is my husband of 16 years and we are going through a divorce. Do you sick people have drag this into rescue.

They want to dredge that up as well and has nothing to do with rescue. Sickening. The destruction of property I feel certain now who it is and came right after the emails began.

Comment by usanimalprotection
April 7, 2010

All I can say is at this point the police are dealing with these crimes. I will not continue to get into your heads it’s a sick place I am sure. Get a life get a hobby save a life but for God sakes find something to do constructive with your time.

Harassing on a public forum is a crime and these emails are being sent to the police. I have the right to come in here and defend myself but I am not going to continue because of the boredom you two suffer. I am sure this is your only thrill and source of entertainment.

Find something better to do with your time please.

Comment by usanimalprotection
April 7, 2010

and hey dummy search GA Sec State online not call someone sitting in a cubicle. LOL>

Comment by usanimalprotection
April 7, 2010


USAP Press Release

06/02/2009, 5:10 am

Filed under: SALDF
Tags: gas chamber, Georgia, press release, Spalding County, United States Animal Protection

The Official Press Release from United States Animal Protection, Inc.:

Thousands of Animals Were Dragged to Their Deaths and Suffocated in the Spalding County Gas Chamber. This Will End Forever July 1st.

USAP Stopped the Spalding Gas chamber a gas chamber that was grandfathered in. Many want to take credit for the end of this gas chamber but it ended when USAP had audio proof all animals were being gassed that included the sick, injured, pregnant, geriatric, and under the age of five months. USAP’s founder dedicated years to end gassings, shootings, heartsticks, shootings and animal from being buried alive after botched euthanasia attempts. Shelters killing cruelly that were stopped by USAP include, McCreary County KY, Henry County Ky, Tell City Indiana, Rushville Indiana, Walker County Georgia, Clayton County Georgia, Burns Flat Oklahoma, Chesterfield SC, and the list goes on and can be found in our archives of shelters USAP members have worked to end cruelty in. Our work at USAP speaks for itself.

God Rest the Souls of the Animals that Suffered so Horribly in The Gas Chamber. God Heal the Souls of the Rescuers that Understand and Feel Their Pain. Help us find the strength to fight another day for the animals.

U.S. Animal Protection has been in negotiations with the county manager and county attorney of Spalding County, Griffn, GA. Animal Shelter to end the gassings of animals. USAP expressed severe opposition to the gassing of animals and exposed the shelter for cruel killngs.

Dr.Hopkins (assisted the Congressional review of the Animal Welfare Act revision), Hillarie Allison, Founder of Rescued Unwanted Furry Friends Foundation and I, all members of U.S. Animal Protection, released publicly an immediate cease and desist letter to end gassing at the Spalding County Animal Shelter.

Dr. Hopkins director of USAP Dawn Taylor Bechtold educated the county attorney, the county manager and local sheriff about the inhumanity and cruelty of the gas chamber. USAP representitives referred the county officials to the “Euthanasia Manual” by Rebecca Rhodes which proves injection is less expensive and more humane than gassing.

USAP made the county officials aware of my intentions and that USAP representatives would be contacting a regulatory agency. Representitives of USAP contacted the Office of the District Attorney and the GBI regarding the cruelty occurring in the Spalding County shelter as well as other shelters in the state of Georgia. We reminded the office that gassing was now illegal in the state of Georgia.

Georgia shelters must be exposed for cruel killings. The cruelty must be brought to light before we will see the county officials make the necessary changes from gassing to IV injection.

While we at USAP oppose the killing of healthy animals, we are realistic and know that killing will continue in Georgia shelters. We must at least see that they will not suffer when they are euthanized. We at USAP will work with county officials to implement a mandatory spay/neuter ordinance in Spalding County, Georgia.

Cruel killings occur in many shelters throughout the U.S. Cruelty in animal shelters must be exposed before we will see an end to all shelters that kill by cruel methods.

USAP members put tremendous pressure on Spalding officials, so much so that county officials agreed to stop gassing animals. On July 1st gassing will end forever at the Spalding Animal Shelter.

After many years of cruel killings by gas, we have shut down the Spalding chamber forever.

Dawn Taylor Bechtold

Comment by usanimalprotection
April 7, 2010

Animal protectionist Dawn Bechtold works for Walker shelter changes

By: ChloƩ Morrison


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Recommendations for Humane Sheltering Standards

Dawn Bechtold said her love for animals is innate, and she began rescuing animals at age 8.

Now she is the president and founder of a national animal protection group she said has about 1,200 members.

After meeting with Walker Commissioner Bebe Heiskell, Mrs. Bechtold recently worked with the county’s animal shelter to implement improvements at the facility.

Mrs. Bechtold said her organization doesn’t want animals to suffer if they must be euthanized, and it works to change practices at many shelters nationally.

Q: Can you start by talking about what changes you’ve seen at the Walker County Animal Shelter?

A: What I’ve seen is — and I can say I’ve seen because I’ve pulled the open records — they have switched mainly from intraperitoneal injections (into the abdomen) with no sedation, to intravenous injections. That was our main goal.

Q: Who worked on the changes? Did you work with Guy Bilyeu, with the Hamilton County Humane Educational Society?

A: We didn’t work with Guy Bilyeu. We are our own entity. We are United States Animal Protection. It has been Marjorie (Banks, director of USAP) and I, as well as our group members from Animal Shelter reform, which is just part of United States Animal Protection. And it was Bebe Heiskell who agreed to work with United States Animal Protection. We prefer to work with our own organization.

Q: How did the changes occur?

A: Well, once the meeting was held and Bebe agreed to work with us, things just started changing. Mr. (David) Ashburn was more willing to work with us. We wrote something called Humane Shelter Standards and that really explained some of the changes we wanted to see implemented at that shelter. David Ashburn said, ‘Dawn, we have read that and we are following that.’

But … we really hope to see intraperitoneal used only if they must sedate an animal that way. We understand, but we believe there is no reason they shouldn’t at least try to find a vein. If they are going to use intraperitoneal or any type of injection that the animal is weighed. We’d like to see sedation, always.

They did go to a higher dose (of euthanasia solution, which helps animals not suffer).

Q: You mentioned a woman who said she had seen a change in the shelter. What did she say?

A: She says, ‘I haven’t been to Walker in a long time, but when I arrived I couldn’t believe I was in Walker County. First, it smelled like a hospital, and only one half of the shelter was full. Every dog had a card listing its number, info, if it was an owner surrender, and vaccine, deworming info and all the dogs were flea free and all being fed twice a day,’ which is something we asked for.

Q: How does that feel to hear that?

A: We are elated. We are absolutely elated. This is all we’ve been asking for. We are not advocating killing by any means, but if they must die, we ask that they are killed humanely.

Q: How did you get into animal rescue?

A: I’ve always been a rescuer since I was a child. I’ve always brought strays home. The way I became an activist to stop animal cruelty was what I saw when I was 8 years old. I was missing my kitty cat. I was hysterical. I loved my kitty cat. She went everywhere I went. I called my mom at work, and we set out to find her. And I did find her along with about 50 other cats that had been burned, bleached and hung. And I was a child and it was very traumatic for me. I was very angry, and I think it has been instilled in my mind since then.

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Comment by usanimalprotection
April 7, 2010

United States Animal Protection Stops Rushville Animal Shelters Botched Euthanasia Attempts Where Animals Are Found Alive In The Shelter Freezer.

Justice for Jaime and Gabby Rally

This article was written by Linda Wissel who after the Rushville case joined USAP she is a long time Rushville Shelter volunteer and supporter and friend of Jaime Glandon.

First I’d like to say that I’ve volunteered at the Rushville Shelter for almost 3 years. I found one of their dogs on petfinder and went out to adopt, the animals in the shelter broke my heart, the conditions were apalling. Although I live 2 hours away in Cincinnati I vowed to do something for those animals. It’s the hell holes that need us most. That is how I met Jamie Glandon (the shelter worker now facing being fired for saving Gabby). At the time Jamie was a volunteer from Indianapolis which is about an hour drive from Rushville. Jamie is selfless, compassionate and dedicated to the animals. As a volunteer she would drive almost daily to the shelter to take pictures for the petfinder website, if not for Jamie the shelter wouldn’t have been listed. She was always on the job for the shelter transporting dogs, she made many changes as a volunteer to make the shelter rescue friendly. When the shelter worker who was previously in Jamie’s position resigned it left only Jack Hill to run the shelter. Jamie volunteered to work FULL TIME, assuming all the duties of a paid employee for over a month with no guarantee that she would be awarded the paid position. Jamie had to go through the same interview and application process as anyone else. Jamie was awarded the position about 6 months ago. Jamie forged relationships, and utilized her existing contacts with the rescue community to place more dogs in her years of volunteering then the shelter had placed into homes in the last 10 years. The Rushville had close to a 95% kill rate for dogs and much higher for cats. Jamie and I have shed many tears, scraped up money we didn’t have becuse a dog or cat needed vet care which the shelter doesn’t provide. I know her to be beyond reproach, I know Jamie is telling the truth and I will stand with her till hell freezes over!

Justice for Jamie and Gabby Rally in Rushville

My partner Teri and I rolled into town horn blaring, around 11am, windows painted “Honk for Jamie and Gabby”, “Stop the Inhumane Killing in Rushville”, car laden with signs, USAP donated buttons and banner, dog mascot costume. It was a sunny day but cold, we were bundled up for a long haul in the day time high of 34 degrees. I had the support of Marj and Dawn on the phone, quickly giving me advice as to what to do if the police showed up with riot gear! LOL There was a winter weather advisory posted for that night, snow was expected.

Two members from Adopt-A-Pet, coming from Cincinnati as well, were delayed a bit by problems with the donated RV.

Teri and I were the first ones there so I donned my dog mascot costume and was lead (you can’t see out of those costumes) to the corner, sign in hand. I’ll tell you I felt so alone until I heard Teri’s voice, one lone voice, cracking as she began to shout “Justice for Jamie, Justice for Gabby”. That’s courage folks, at least I was under the dog costume! We weren’t alone long before the crew in the RV arrived, quickly following were three member of Adopt-A-Pet out of Liberty Indiana.

Of course, one of the news stations from Indianapolis arrived right at noon when we were still setting up and not out in full force. Taylor had the sign that seems to have peeved the people in Rushville off the most, it read “Welcome to Rushville, We Kill Dogs Here….But Not Very Well”. Our mascot was an inflatable Scooby Do. The USAP banner read, “Stop the Inhumae Killing at the Rushville Shelter! The United States Animal Protection Demands Justice for Jamie and Gabby!” Our USAP buttons read, “Stop Inhumane Killing of Animals in Shelters, U.S. Animal Protection”. One of our signs said “Mayor Bridges, You’ve Been Naughty” and the person carrying it had a Santa hat on and was ringing cow bells. Some of our other signs; “Don’t Kill Gabby AGAIN!”, “HONK for Jamie & Gabby!”, “Let Gabby Live!” Some of our chants were “Rushville….Suport Your Shelter!”, “Mayor Bridges Tell The Truth!” , “Justice For Jamie, Justice For Gabby!” “Mayor Bridges, Tell The Truth!”.

We were 7 strong through most of the afternoon, we rallied from noon until about 3:00 then broke for lunch. It seemed we had more support for the evening rally then we did for the afternoon. I guess alot of the afternoon traffic were retired folks who have known the Mayor and thought of us as “outsiders”. We had the privledge of being flipped of by an un-named, soon to be named, member of the Republican Party in Rushville. He made the mistake of bragging about it to a loyal Jamie supporter. You know who I’m talking about Marj! Lisa from Adopt-A-Pet in Liberty left to pick up her three daughters from school and then returned. We were 10 strong then. Sadly, I can’t tell you how many times those little girls, one of which was wearing a Santa hat, were flipped off and told to shove it in their ass.

After lunch we had to do a little re planning. Our original plan had been to move up to the Police Department and rally outside of the Council Chambers where the meeting was being held. Hang the USAP banner on the R.V. and using that as a back drop, rally. Conveniently, the City had removed the shelter issue from the agenda. Jamie still planned on attending this meeting, as she had all other Council meetings even with the agenda change. Jamie said “I’m not going to hide, I’m going in with my head held high.” And that she did. There were other issues that made us decide to contine the “open invitation” rally at the courthouse. Jamie had about 30 personal friends, heads of other local shelters and family to support her at the meeting.

For the evening rally we picked up Lindsey and Leslie Woelfel representing Muncie ARF. We had much more support from the residents that evening then we did during the day. When someone driving by, or stopped at the red light honked we began to chant “THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU”. One woman who joined us was getting ready to leave and I told her how much we appreciated her coming out, I asked what rescue she was with. She said, “I’m just from Rushville, I live here”. I said “You know, you are the very first resident to come out and join us today”. She looked absolutely stricken and said “You have got to be kidding me”. I said “No, in fact, I’m from Cincinnati and have been volunteering at the shelter for almost 3 years and it hasn’t been until this past summer that we got our first Rushville volunteer”. She absolutley couldn’t believe it, and seemed downright ashamed. She thanked us for coming and doing this for the town. I thanked her again, shook her hand. We had people stopping at the traffic light asking what was going on, when told, they would just lay on the horn. About 8 more residents came forward to join us, we gave them all buttons, cards, exchanged emails so we could organize for the next rally. One man, a Rushville resident, thanked us and went to the Shell Station and bought us all hot coffee, which was much appreciated. Those are the people that give me hope.

We got word that the Council meeting had ended, and when Jamie left, 30 of her supporters got up and followed her out. The Indy news station was there to interview her and behind her gathered all of her supporters.

Overall, I think we made a statement in Rushville. Our lack of numbers protesting, I think hurt us in that it added to the perception of us being a “fringe element”. One man, during lunch pulled up to the RV with the Adopt-A-Pet crew and asked “You all from Peta?” they replied “No”. He said “Good, because if you were I was going to get my gun out and shoot you”. Some people drove by with complete indifference, at one point, between chants, I said to Taylor. “When you see people like that, totally indifferent, doesn’t it make you wonder if they’ve not stood for anything in their lives?”.

I think it is sad when people from out of town have to come to a town and stand up because the town won’t stand up for itself. I think it’s sad when volunteer’s have to come from out of town and volunteer because a town won’t volunteer for itself. I told one of the news stations, “We are the people who have pulled dogs out of your shelter and placed them into no kill rescues and foster homes, We are the same people who on a minutes notice would be here to help clean and paint your shelter”.

I’m willing to do it again, if I have to, stand alone. If I have to stand alone I will write an appeal to the people of Rushville, delivered thru the Rushville Republican. Basically saying, now it’s your turn. If they leave me standing alone, it makes a statement, if they join me and we can circle the courthouse, what a wonderful statement that would make.

I want to thank you all, all the members of USAP, Marj and Dawn especially. You do wonderful work and we are honored that you supported our cause with your generous donations. It is much appreciated. As are the numerous people who continue to spread the word over the internet. We have to let the elected officals in Rushville know that we aren’t finished yet, that this will not go away, and as our last chant promised “WE WILL BE BACK”. Thank you all.


Linda Wissel

Comment by usanimalprotection
April 7, 2010

Dawn How many times do you trash someone on the internet this is no different that what you do to others except we have the proof in legal documentation and you do not.

Dawn please feel free to come after me and try to have me charged. I will be more than happy to see you in a court room, You are nothing more than a mouth and can’t do a thing about us because we have not done anything that is aginst the law, people do this to public figures all the time as you do to other rescuers, so how does it feel when the truth about you is told?

Oh and when you called the Hendersonville NC police dept you called the wrong police dept, you dummy I don’t live in Hendersonville.

Please provide proof that what is being said about you is false. You should also check out the terms and meanings of the words harassment, cyber bullying . everthing has to be done with malice and with the intent to harass what information that has been put out has been done as a warning to others as to who you really are and so they do not get taken by you with out knowledge as to who,and what you are about. GET OVER IT YOU DO IT TO OTHERS ALL THE TIME.

Whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

I am a victim of Founders harassment, slander and defamation of character. I also have first hand knowledge of facts reported.

Dawn Taylor Bechtold put herself out in the public eye and as a public figure, people are entitled to scrutinize her as such. As to her rebuttal I have comments.

1. Not having a license in GA. means she is not a legal rescue, and that she is not allowed to house any rescue animals.

2. She is incorporated in GA. this is true but has no solicitors license to ask for donations.

3. Dawn herself did help and provide a place for these animals to come to but Dept of GA.Ag stepped in and had to find other rescues that were licensed in GA. to handle and adopt out animals from LA. As USAP is not a licensed rescue. Her statement about MSRF is false. USAP put these animals at risk because she posed as a legal rescue and was not.

4.Did USAP think that all animals coming out of LA after the Hurricanes would be healthy everyone knew that animals would be sick this was an emergency situation. USAP was not entitled to the animals records because GADOA got other legal rescues to place the animals not USAP, so USAP would not be privy to the records or the adoption fees.. MSRF is still in LA.

5. USAP has asked for donations for years wether it be for vet bills, boarding, food, or to help rescues this is what is called indirect donations and is income that if not a 501c3 Fed tax exempt would have to be reported as income at tax time as income. When was the last time USAP filed a fed tax return? USAP has claimed 501c3 status when was the last time they filed a 990 never because you are not a 501c3. The other rescues that were brought in by GADOA paid vets for the care of the animals. USAP represented themselves as a member of LSART this is not true you have to be a legal rescue you are not.

6. USAP is set up in GA. as a non profit this just means it was set up not to make a profit there is a difference.

7. USAP Founder’s boy friend ran the GA company. Founder was the harasser of other rescuers and was guilty in court. This is on record in Athens-Clarke Co. GA. Founder and boy friend left GA. for other reasons??? but they are the reason the company Remodel America went down, maybe if supplier was paid company would still be theirs.

8. As to Lowery no extortion was ever tried, a way for founder to try to make lowery out to be a bad person.

As to Green she figured out that USAP founder was not a respected rescue.

As to the investigation I know that she or one of her cronies called FBI and was told that she put herself out in the public eye just as a politician so there is nothing she can do because people are allowed to scrutinize public figures, also if the information is obtained legally and is true there is no harassment, slander.

Harassment can only happen if person asks other to have no contact with them and party has to try to prevent the contact I.E. block emails, also person cannot respond to contact. Founder has responded to and violated do not contact requests, has made false statements about others.

It becomes harassment in founders eyes when the table is turned on her and info about her that is verifiable is put out to warn others about her. She thinks she can harass and make false statements about others without verifiable evidence, false facts and lies about someone is slander and defamation of character.

9. USAP has caused shelters to close their doors to rescue because of her behavior, causing many animals to lose their lives. WHY IS IT THAT USAP GETS NO WHERE IN GA. BECAUSE SHE IS NOT REPITABLE

The only false reports and post that have been sent to the police is from USAP founder. As to belonging to rescue this is also not true and can be verified. She only mentions 2 names and that is because she thinks she can bully them into not telling the truth about her. As to jail time that’s a laugh slander is a civil complaint not criminal. cyber bullying is if you keep contacting or put false information out about someone. everything posted as warnings are true and have been obtained legally through public records,or was put out on Internet by founder herself ( info put out by founder herself is only used to back up legally obtained records)

Founder has a police record for harassment and plead no contest to the charge this is fact. she on several occasions said she was a 501c3 non profit taxed exempt she is not, she has fostered dogs in her home and is not licensed in GA which is not legal for her to foster dogs and cats, By her own words and actions she has violated laws and believes herself above the laws or regulations.

Dawn is a danger to animal rescue and she is a bully and she can’t handle it when someone does not back down from her threats and when they stand up to her. WARNING BE READY FOR THE BLOCKED CALLS, SPOOF CARD CALLS, AND THE SLANDERING OF YOUR NAME TO START IF YOU DO NOT DO WHAT SHE WANTS YOU TO DO OR YOU STAND UP TO HER.

In her own words she is not a legal rescue in the case of this quote she is not allowed to foster home or act as a rescue in GA.

” 1. USAP is not licensed with the GA Dept of Ag and never would be licensed with a government office that allows cruelty to continue in GA shelters.”

Comment by gatorbaiterr
April 7, 2010

Nancy Green has lied to you once again. Chuck was never with HSUS and Chuck knows me I just spoke with him. He never stated I was a fraud and is quite aware of my work for the animals. Chuck will be adressing the lies Green has told and also the fact she isnot only misrepresenting him but outright lying about statements he never made.

Comment by usanimalprotection
April 7, 2010

Case Report For Animalogic

147 E 1st ave.

Hendersonville, N.C.

U.S. Animal Protection Exposed Cruelty at Animalogic.

USDA Seized Animals And Turned Them Over To The Private Organization, U.S. Animal Protection based in Atlanta GA.

WNC Diagnostic Center on hwy 280 just inside Bumcomb Co.

Us Animal Protection offered to pay for necropsies on what we thought was a6 animals turned out to be 7 animals 4 chinchillas, 1 sugar glider, 1 savanna monitor lizard, and 1 white hedgehog all found to be in various states of decay that was so far decayed that they did not have any organs to necropsy , the lizard even though it appeared to have its organs and was not soft and pliable the organs were gone due to decay ,

DR. said in his opinion that what we thought was 3 unidentifiable carcass were really 4 and that to the best of his abilty that with the state of decay he believed them to be chinchillas, the sugar glider was nothing but a flat hard shell of a carcass, the white hedgehog was also in such a state that the outside of the carcass was identifiable and soft that the internal organs were gone and it could not be necropsied.

Dr. said that he was sending the carcasses to Reilgh for further testing for disease.

The City management made Joe remove all the venomous snakes to outside the city and we were told by Joe that these snakes were going to his mothers and his house Diane told us on Tuesday that she was owner of the animals and that she leased them to Joe later we find out she owns 1/3 of them she was asked by me to give me a list of those animals and also the lease agreement between herself and Joe. She also stated that she had been coming in to feed the animals at night for about a week and that every thing was ok when asked about then how come the dead animals had been dead for so long she did not respond. Also she was advised by myself and Officer that since she said she had been coming in to feed at night and that she was the owner of some of the animals that she could be charged as an accessory to and or charged with animals cruelty herself because if she was feeding then how did she not notice the animals that were dead or that they were sick before they died. and that as owner then and she was a major figure in Animalogic that it was also her responsibility to make sure the animals were care for in a proper manner and in accordance with the laws.

Both Joe and Diane have my phone # and have been told that they could contact me at any time if any help was needed ,I>E food bedding, Vetting were needed.

As of Wednesday Joe had quit cooperating and was telling us lies My thoughts on that is so he could move more animals out and to clean and remove the dead and or dieing this is typical tactics used by people when caught in this situation. Also I feel Joe and His mother Diane are also what is known as hoarders.

I have been informed that at the old site on hwy 280 that there were 300 animals there all were moved to 1st Ave and then the many were taken to Diane’s house.

At this time a seizer order is needed and that it includes Diane Merzlak home if the approx. 75 animals could not be taken care of then how can they take care of poisonous snakes and the believed to be many other small animals be taken care of , made the statement to me that at one time Diane need money for bills and and her husband suggested she rent out a room in her large house and they were told by Diane that she could never clean the basement of all the animal mess.

Stench of dead and of animal waste was present in the Animalogic building to the point that you had to leave to get fresh air and dark damp dirty conditions were present .this is an unhealthy environment for any human or animal the conditions were so poor that without major cleaning and the windows being uncovered that many of these animals will not survive for any long period of time that they are and have been deprived of normal day night hours food , a constant source of potable water , that sanitation is so lacking that it could or maybe a health hazard if left unattended to, that the animals have been cruelly housed and taken care of that they have suffer unnecessary pain and deprived of a pain free habitat , that6 many of the enclosures are inadequate to house the animal in a safe manner that other animals have been put in danger by other animals being able to get lose and run around the building when no one was there. It has been brought to our attention that several bush-babies were lose and one was found very sick and possibly dieing on Monday night and this animal was not taken to any vet there was also 2 babies with it one was caught and 1 was not able to be caught and was up in the rafters on Tuesday while we were in the building and may have already died. As the First officer was arriving a white station wagon was leaving with what appeared to be trash in it.

Fair Use Notice and Disclaimer

Send questions or comments about this web site to Ann Berlin,

Fwd Post immediately NC Info Animalogic I have taken names out and have

Comment by usanimalprotection
April 7, 2010

Again harassers of my organization. What have you done if anything for an animal? I can keep the work we have done coming for the ten years.

WHAT have you done to help any animal? Ever go into a disaster bring animals in from a disaster? Work to stop cruelty in any shelter or anywhere that houses animals? Brought any attention are started a case that brought light to cruelty of animals? Ever stopped cruelty of animals? Even done one press release on a cruelty case? Pulled open records to prove cruelty anything? We are all waiting to hear of your good work.

Name 1

Comment by usanimalprotection
April 7, 2010

Don’t think I am stupid enough to fall for this. You cannot write. I can say for certain this was written by Green or Lowery. I am frankly sick to death of you do nothing people that sit home all day harassing.

None of you do anything to help animals. Any intelligent person will see through the lies. I feel especially sorry for you.

Comment by usanimalprotection
April 7, 2010

O and by the way the DOA and animal control have been inside my home it was immaculate. The only time it was not was when I was 2000 miles away. I do not live in filth like we know you do.

Comment by usanimalprotection
April 7, 2010

You had to post the case notes you sent to ALF but these are the case notes that had to be altered because the orginal had all the witness names and # and address in them including mine. I contacted Ann so I could take the names out of the case notes, when you had them posted to the ALF you put many witnesses families and property at risk. You are irresponsible in you actions, you never put your case notes out until the end of the case that does mean all the way through court.

Oh where were you when I asked you to come here and help by going under cover into a bad shelter do you remember All Creatures Great and Small. You said you would do it but you never showed up instead we got someone from out of town to do what we needed and because of themm and many others in this area we got the place shut down and all animals were rescued and the only ones euth. were the ones that were to aggressive to place. Oh your hated HSUS came here with there big mobile vet clinic at no cost to the tax payers. Many rescues showed up and helped to care for the animals while they were still here many of us stay through the end.

It took many years and many people to get what was needed to save the animals so don’t ever say I do not do rescue unlike you I do not need people to know every animal I save or place. My 2 kids were better rescuers than you before they were 6 yrs old, they could do emergency triage and were helping the vets before they were 8 yrs old, both had sponsership to vet school from a local vet before they were even out of high school because of what they had done for rescue.

Oh you think you alerted the police you are wrong they had already been alerted by a witness not you. What you posted was my report, you do not even have a clue what was really going on here.

As to who wrote the last comment that you say I did not write You are wrong again.

YOu were never billed for the necropies. Nor did you pay for anything other than a bag of monkey chow. You had no boarding fees to pay that is because of friends of mine that helped get the kennel to donate the boarding of the animals we recieved, you never once helped cleaned, fed any of the animals you never paid for the gas to transport the animals to the vet. everything done for the animals was done from myself or others that were not members of you group. Where were you when we had to get all the equipment for these animals?

Oh and where were you or any other members when we were doing 24 hr surveillance not here or even offered to come here and help.

Again Dawn take me to court I would love to watch you fail.

You are a fraud and you need to be out of rescue.

You need to stop making false statements and you need to stop taking credit for things that others did.

Dawn talk about someone writing things you might check some of your own writings words left out, mispellings and things that make no since at all.

You need to becareful of things you say you have slandered, harassed, oh the big one is you are a liar. You condone people breaking the law to get what you want and then leave them hanging or drop them BECAUSE OF THE ADVICE YOU GAVE THEM they are the ones that get into trouble with the law.

To answer your question YES all of them. Have you ever been the one to gain a conviction in court for animal abuse and neglect?

Dawn do us all a favior and crawl under a rock and or bury your head in the sand, better yet just get lost.


Please post the Statement on Carbon Monoxide that you and DR. Hopkins wrote.


Comment by gatorbaiterr
April 7, 2010

Donation link removed! I will fund on my own as I always have now there should not be a problem for these two knuckleheads and they can go back to their menial existence doing nothing. They will be very bored. Watch and mark my words as the months pass they will do nothing significant for animals.

Now all donations can go directly to PETA and HSUS who can use the funds to kill more pitbulls and other dogs and cats in shelters.

Comment by usanimalprotection
April 7, 2010

AS previously stated: all info on D.Taylor(a.k.a Bechtold),is public record. The 68 police calls to 4321 Highborne Rd, were acquired through the open Records Act. I don’t know about most people, but 68 calls(not one medical), seems a bit excessive! This is a very troubled and disturbed woman, and I would feel sorry for her, if it was not for the fraudulent solicitation, in the name of “animal welfare.”

She continues to insist, bricks, rocks,satellites, meteors,weapons of mass destruction,human missles, UFOs etc. come flying through her window. PLEASE IF THERE was, is or HAS EVER BEEN ANY REPORT OF DAMAGE TO THAT EVER SO HUMBLE ABODE!

Like I said, a very disturbed and scary person. Notice, she doesn’t touch the social security number discrepancies…maybe, she has given all her “correct vitals” to her high profile attorney, “rusty Hippie”( truly, the name she gave.) Was that in reference to the upcoming easter holiday..hip, hop, hippie?

Dawn, if you weren’t such a horrible person, you would be funny…Give my regards to Rusty Hippie/hoppie, or whatever name you choose next.

Comment by genevalove
April 8, 2010

THE ABOVE POST SOMEHOW OMITTED COBB COUNTY POLICE NUMBER. PLEASE CALL 770.499.3900, to verify, if any damage to taylor’s property has ever occurred, or has been reported. JUST THE FACTS m’am!

Comment by genevalove
April 8, 2010


Subject: She has make up insane lies about me for nearly a year

Date: 4/8/2010 7:11:35 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time


Reply To:




Sent on:

Sent from the Internet (Details)

Ms. Green, I do not want my name involved , nor do I ever discuss the legitimacy of any rescue group. You are mistaken in your comments that you told this group I made. I do not bash rescue group of any kind. Do not invoke my name in these disputes.

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Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2010 00:20:58 -0400


Subject: Re: From Nancy Green. She has make up insane lies about me for nearly a year

the link is there Chuck in red

In a message dated 4/7/2010 11:42:26 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

Without the link to see what you say she is saying I’m not sure what you are talking about?

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Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2010 23:12:27 -0400


Subject: From Nancy Green. She has make up insane lies about me for nearly a year

Green writes you state I am a fraud. She makes up outrageous lies about me and my organization. I need to find out what agency it is that licence’s PI’s I am sure this would be enough to take her license away. The lies are blatant with absolutely no validity. What I can’t understand is I have never asked for donations until I needed them and I have saved thousands through the years on my own dime. HSUS get millions and do not house animals. I know she has done nothing of any substance for animals and year after year she is harassing someone on the net. She goes from person to person. A few months ago it was a rescuer in Alabama and it became so bad she stopped rescuing.

Below is the statement she makes using your name.

I hope that you will write back to me in response to this. I do not want to distribute the link and my Director and VP would advise against it. They both have asked me to stop answering them but, it’s difficult when someone is attacking you.

You stated you did not say this about me and really do not know me that well except for a conversation we had two years ago. So, if you could please just send a response to me making a statement that you did not state this it is false or something to that affect.

There are many moronic allegation she makes about me but, I have answered them publicly and find myself not wanting to spend more time these nonsensical allegations so I have removed other parts of this. This has taken up exorbitant amounts of my time and its a shame so much time is wasted from the projects I am working on.

Thank you Chuck,

Dawn Taylor Bechtold

President and Founder

U.S. Animal Protection

Comment by usanimalprotection
April 8, 2010

Mr. Simmons stated he knew of some of my work and remembered speaking to me but never made statements regarding me or USAP.


Comment by usanimalprotection
April 8, 2010

I have the right to alter headings when it concerns USAP and that is what was altered. Ann took your name out long ago. Furthermore don’t write me back I stated before I will not converse with someone that cannot write. Anything sent by you was written by someone else because you can barely read let alone spell. Don’t expect me to answer you again.

Comment by usanimalprotection
April 8, 2010

Well well well and even MORE LIES by Nancy Green/ Green writes all over the internet USAP not licensed you know it’s funny people that lie about others are usually those who are hiding something. SECOND CHANCE you have been lied to again by Green. Read below;

Green NOT a licensed PI since three years ago and by the end of the day there may be a permanent revocation I am speaking to the proper people today that will make sure she never has a PI license in GA today.

Results of Query

Name License Number Profession License Type License Status City State

Nancy Green PDE046696 Priv Detective & Sec. Agency Employee – Private Detective Lapsed Decatur GA

Licensee Information

Name: Nancy Green

Address: Atlantic Investigations

315 W Ponce De Leon Ave, Ste 800

Ste 300

Decatur GA 30030

Primary Source License Information

Profession: Priv Detective & Sec. Agency License No: PDE046696 License Status: Lapsed

License Type: Employee – Private Detective Weapon Permit: Obtained By Method: Application

Issue Date: 4/5/2004 Expiration Date: 8/31/2007 Last Renewal Date:

From State/Prov:

Discipline Information

No Discipline Information

No scanned public board order documents exist.

Associated Licenses


Prerequisite Licensee:Atlantic Investigations, Inc. Prerequisite License:PDC002004

Association Date:4/5/2004 Expiration Date:

Dependent Licensee:Nancy Green Dependent License:PDE046696

Dependent Status:Lapsed

Comment by usanimalprotection
April 8, 2010



Business Entity Name Control No Type Status Entity

Creation Date

UNITED STATES ANIMAL PROTECTION, INC. 0551844 Non-Profit Corporation Active/Owes Current Year AR 8/2/2005

Records Returned 1 of 1 total 1



Non-Profit Corporation – Domestic – Information

Control No.: 0551844

Status: Active/Owes Current Year AR

Entity Creation Date: 8/2/2005

Jurisdiction: GA

Principal Office Address: 4321 Highborne dr

Marietta GA 30066

Last Annual Registration Filed Date: 4/14/2009

Last Annual Registration Filed: 2009


Registered Agent


Office Address: 1201 PEACHTREE STREET, NE


Agent County: FULTON



Title: CEO

Name: Dawn Rochelle Taylor Bechtold

Address: 4321 Highborne dr

Marietta GA 30066


Title: CFO

Name: Daniel Bechtold

Address: 4321 Highborne dr

Marietta GA 30066


Title: Secretary

Name: Dr.Robert Hopkins

Address: 136 Cornet Stetson rd

Sciuate MA 02066

Comment by usanimalprotection
April 8, 2010


Comment by usanimalprotection
April 8, 2010





Comment by usanimalprotection
April 8, 2010

dawn Taylor is a pathological liar. Every word out of her mouth is slanderous and meant to cause pain. Her arrogant and disrespectful actions towards animal shelters, throughout the southeast, have probably caused more dogs to die needlessly, than the ones she questionably says she saved. I have never worked with her, because, of her boasting, bragging and frankly just insane stories. She continually asked me to post on her group, which I never did. I Thought she was self absorbed, and “full of herself”, but not until I spoke with people, working along side, did I find out she was a liar and fraud.I was told by Dawn,of her domestic violence problems(remember 68 police visits),broken ribs, her alcoholic boyfriend(s)..Daniel and Jason, in same home! and suicide attempts. This is personal garbage.

I have tried, till now, to keep this on a “professional level”, not centering on personal attacks. That is why I was asking people to call Cobb county Ga. police Dept. or Dept. Of ag. and ask about her and her reputation as a person and a “rescuer.” THIS IS typical DAWN ROCHELLE TAYLOR, always looking for a way to slither away from her self produced chaos and dirt. Talk to people who have worked with her, and saw her inflame people,the same people who gave the thumbs up or down on animal’s being gassed or heartsticked. She is the dog killer, because of her ’self proclaimed greatness.’ If there is a rainbow bridge(and I firmly believe there is), Dawn, you will not be welcome. You have caused more pain for animals, and in some ways are worse than mike vick. He was ignorant of dogs being loving, forgiving creatures.You pretend to know better. Dogs were things to him, to create funds(you know chip ins)…well, maybe you are not so different…

As far as Chuck… I should not have mentioned him, without speaking to him first. Many people don’t care to be involved in this dirty stuff. Who can blame him. My motto to live by..”All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men(women) to do nothing.” edmund Burke

Comment by genevalove
April 8, 2010

Well Dawn thats funny since I am the one writing these post. The reason you will not answer is because you know I am right.

as to being able to read and write I do this very well better than you I might add.

It was not just my name that was taken out and you know it and yes all was corrected a long time ago.

But yet again you skirt the real issues because when the truth is told you hide behind lies and name calling.

You calling poeple names is just making you look even smaller than you are, As I said before go crawl under a rock or at the very least but your head back under the sand because no one wants to see your face.

The documetation shows what you are and it says it very well.

I guess I will have to start posting it all in my own blog and I will be putting the link out.

Comment by gatorbaiterr
April 8, 2010


Green States ” USAP Get’s Nowhere in GA” I am sure the USAP members would be angry to read this.

USAP members worked for years to stop the gassings at Spalding and Clayton as well as stopped Even more cruel killings at Walker County GA where animals were being buried alive after improper doses of sodium phenorbarbital were given to animals. She has lied to this group once again. Green will try to make something out of nothing she always does. If she can’t tell the truth she will make it up. Green takes psycotropic drugs that effect her state of mind. I know this because she called me to tell me her gun, pills and belongings were stolen from her car after her dog was killed (These drugs are tested on primates) Green is not an animal rescuer or activist. On another note ambulances were called to my home many times. My husband has been very sick for nearly two years. It’s been very sad to watch. Note: Gteen wrote to me and mocked that my husband was dying.

Subject: Fwd: shari

Date: 2/24/2010 7:44:05 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time


Reply To:




Sent on:

Sent from the Internet (Details)

ur sick+dying hubbyor whatever

Comment by usanimalprotection
April 8, 2010

Read the post above by Green/ she turns it around to “I’m a liar I’m a fraud” The truth has been told.

Green lied to this group = She is not licensed and has not been licensed for years. I spoke to the agency she was with at a time. They stated they had not spoken to her in years. I have spoken with the PI association of GA she is not licensed and has not been for years.

Green states – USAP not licensed. I have provided proof.

Green States Chuck Simmons stated I was a fraud.

You can see the message sent from Simmons he is angry that Green lied and used his name.

Green states I have many SS and aliases this is one of her many lies. I have never had aliases and I have on SS.

Green states no calls to emergency personel were medical. Nearly all were. Ambulances have picked my husband off the floor nearly comatose several times. There are many other lies that could be noted but, I think we call can see now and have the proof she is a liar.

Comment by usanimalprotection
April 8, 2010

Lowery and Green are stopping good people working hard to save lives and stop cruelty.

Speak up regarding internet harassers that try to thwart the efforts of those of us that fight hard for the animals we love.


With this being said and the proof my the work we do at USAP you should be angry these two tyrants are trying to stop those of us that do care about the lives of animals. You could be next so help stop harassers from hurting the people out here working for protection and rescue of all animals.

Dawn Taylor Bechtold

Comment by usanimalprotection
April 8, 2010

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The aliases of this rescuer , these were found while doing research by someone when they had a harassment case against this person.

Anyone ever wonder what her old email stood for DRCTBD this will make you think, I was told by her at one time the DRCTBD were her initials.
Under the name Dawn Bostic DOB 11/1967 SS# 311-82-XXXX

Previous Addresses:


834 N 13TH ST, MAYFIELD KY 42066-1108

722 W LEE ST, MAYFIELD KY 42066-1555
Under the name Dawn M Bostic DOB 11/1967 SS# 311-82-XXXX
Previous Addresses:






Under the name Dawn M Cherry DOB 11/1967 SS# 311-82-XXXX

Previous Addresses:




Under the name Dawn Taylor Cherry DOB 11/1967 SS# 311-82-XXXX

Previous Addresses:


Under the name Dawn M Taylor DOB 11/1967 SS# 311-82-XXXX

Previous Addresses:





110 DAVENTRY LN APT 312, LOUISVILLE KY 40223-2848*


This is where things get interesting - note the change in Social Security Number (and names of course).

Under the name Dawn Taylor DOB 11/1967 SS# 306-92-XXXX

Previous Addresses:



Under the name Regina Chavez DOB (unknown) SS# 306-92-XXXX

Previous Addresses:



**I personally made contact with Regina Chavez by doing a reverse lookup in the White pages with one of the listed addresses in Nicholasville. She, Regina Chavez, confirmed that 306-92-XXXX was her Social Security# but she did not feel that her current financial situation would allow her to follow up this possible identity theft with legal counsel.

Under the name Dawn R Taylor DOB 11/1967 SS# 306-92-XXXX

Previous Addresses:

1704 REED CT, WOODSTOCK GA 30189-5444



4101 HESSMER AVE APT 320, METAIRIE LA 70002-7117

1235 7TH ST, NEW ORLEANS LA 70115-3316

4104 CHATEAU BLVD, KENNER LA 70065-5721

She was arrested for harassment charges in 2006. The Social Security number given to the officer filling out said report was 316-92-XXXX. Maybe this was a mistake. Maybe not.