Saturday, March 6, 2010

she has denied ever portraying herself as a state or federsl agent, and she denys ever causing animals to die. Statement from a very repitable rescuer.

I have taken the liberty of removing the so called rescuers name to cover myself and others, her name has been replaced with she , her

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This is when (she) represented herself to us to be a non profit and registered animal rescue group, which she is not. Ray DeLuca came in because USAP is an unlicensed group, as he should have. He did not “harass” anyone. In fact he did his job. Mr. DeLuca very kindly found us other groups to work with, including Humane Society of Atlanta and German Shepherd Rescue and another rescue, and I apologize to them for not remembering their name. These were organizations that were authorized to adopt out animals. They came in with the appropriate paperwork, which (she) did not have. All checks were made out to her veterinarian, so no one but the veterinarian “made off” with any money. The rescue groups that did take the animals had the records since they were the official adoption partners. The true heroes here were the rescue groups who worked with us “despite”(her). The people at Atlanta Humane were amazing.! Atlanta Humane is a stellar organization. During Hurricane Gustav they took in hundreds of animals from Jefferson Parish.

At some point (she) called Hammond, saying she was from the Department of Agriculture, and ended up screaming at them and slamming down the phone.( XXXXXX) was there trying to pull animals that day under MuttShack. This incident caused them to deny (XXXXXX) the animals and they were euthanized instead.


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