Tuesday, April 13, 2010

USAP founder's Booking Report for Harassment


  1. Hey "Dawnie" How are those "imminent arrests" working for you???? Haven't heard a word about those arrests, "you promised!!!" ARE those "harassers" in jail, yet? But Dawnie, you swore they were criminals, and going to jail, for, cyber staLKING and other made up stuff. Dawn, check out what Lie and truth mean...you wouldn't know or tell the truth, if it hit you in the head!

  2. Just an update to Dawns coment that harassers were going to be arrested.
    To date 5-22-2010 not one of the so called harassers have been arrested for the simple reason facts are not harassment and it is not illegal to post documents and public records.
    It is just Dawn talking about things she does not know or its her way of making her group think she has power to do things. Well Dawn I guess you spoke to soon and again you misinterperted the law,You were wrong again.