Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dawn tries a mass transport of animals out of Robeson Co NC

Here we go again Dawns tries a mass transport of 100+ animals from Robeson Co.NC animals were to go to a boarding kennel. Dawn was going to have Media out in the hopes it would create more adoptions, and donations to her. Transport was stopped in the few hours before the transport got started by caring animal rescuers. The people helping her perpetrate this mass transport were left holding the bag for the vet bill for the health certs. and Robeson animal control is now over packed and the animals are on a short reprieve. This transport was so flawed, because as Dawn does she did not take the time in preparing this transport. She tried to throw this together and caused mass confusion.
Because of her stupidity the animals are the ones going to suffer.
If she really cared for the animals she would never have tried to transport animals from the over crowded NC shelter to GA which is also over crowed with animals and begging out of state rescues to take their animals, Dawn because of her popularity contest that she is on endangered the animals of GA. the NC animals would have lingered in boarding for God knows how long and then what? What would have happened to them when Dawn tired of the board bill or having to take the time to adopt them out(note)Dawn known to have been in La. with a court date in Oct. and out on bond) just who was going to get these animals adopted?and again she is not even a licenced rescue in Ga.

Here is the proof that she is not legal in Ga.
Subject: RE: Dawn Bechtold
From: "Greene, Mary"
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 2009 15:52:50 -0400
To: ""

Dawn Bechtold AKA Dawn Taylor Bechtold has never been issued a shelter license by the Animal Protection Division of the Georgia Department of Agriculture. A shelter license is required by this state in order to legally engage in rescue activity under the authority of the Georgia Animal Protection Act (OCGA 4-11-1 thru 18).

Mary M. Greene
Director of Animal Protection and Equine Health
Georgia Department of Agriculture
Capitol Square
Atlanta, GA 30334

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To: Greene, Mary
Subject: Dawn Bechtold

Goon morning,

I was wondering if there is a way you could send me something that says United States Animal Protection / Dawn Bechtold is not a licensed rescue thru GA.DOA ?

Thank you

Sue Bryant

Dawn how many of these animals would have been sentenced to long term jail behind chain link or death when the donations stopped? Some day Dawn you will have to face a higher power that knows all of what you have done and you will be held accountable for your actions, St.Peter must have a book just for you and it will be a big one, may you have to answer to the all mighty power and I pray that the Pearlie gates be closed and locked to you so no other animal will have to suffer by your hands. Oh how many times has your own personal dogs ended up in a animal control shelter??? I know of at least 3 times responsible ownership I do not think so.

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