Wednesday, October 27, 2010

contacting blog owner

Anyone that wants to contact me can do so thru this blog. As to posting I have stopped posting anything that does not have a name attached. And have said all along that if Dawn wanted to post them she is free to do so under her name. All info on this blog that I have posted can be backed up with evidence. Ask Dawn to do the same provide evidence that shows what is posted is not true.


  1. Google does not remove defamatory content from or any other U.S. dot com domains.

  2. I AM CONTACTING YOU. You need to contact me. You are a cyberstalker.

  3. No not cyberstalking if it was I would be posting all info that is sent. I had to stop letting people post when they did not give their names because many were trying to post non verifiable information. This blog is open to Dawn to respond if she uses her name. She is more than welcome to post her evidence that proves any info on this blog is false and if it is then it will be removed.